As of February 7th you are already 10% through 2021! This is a crazy thought that most of us often overlook. It means the procrastination that goes on in the winter can take a huge toll on our spring business. We have a seasonal business in real estate. The thing is the seasonality is looked at all wrong.

It is time to have a mindset shift. When times are slow sales wise it is time to switch our energy. We can take that same energy we are expending into showings and reuse it. When sales are slow it is time to market heavily. It is also a time to build the back end of your business. Keep in mind you should be doing all this year round.

It is hard to think that 10% of our year is already gone. So what can we do from here? First off, paying attention to time and how fast it goes. Start valuing your time more. Notice when you have “free” time and put it to use. With all that has gone on in the world over the past year it is easy to lose time.

Now is the time to steal your personal time back and use it to grow. Training and positive behaviors can lead to better time management. With better time management comes better quality off life. When life is good work tends to follow when life is bad it does the same. There is a balance \between each that when reached will lead to maximum success.

If you are a real estate agent and are feeling the need to change, reach out. We are hiring both existing and new agents to join our team. Stop spending 10% of the year thinking. It is now time to take action. If you enjoyed this blog please check out my podcast, Facebook Group, website, and newsletter.   If you have any question or comments please leave them below.